Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Atlanta Dent Removal

Do you still have hail damage from the storms earlier this year? Call now to recieve reduced rates on repairing hail damage that you decided not to fix months ago. With paintless dent repair we can restore the appearance of your vehicle to pre storm condition. Visit us at http://www.atlantasdentremoval.com

770-634-4091 to schedule an estimate to repair hail damage.

Paintless dent removal is an art. Dont be pressured into repairing a dent by some guy that just walks up to you in a parking lot. Call a professional and save yourself the hassle and get a repair you will be happy with.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hail season has begun in Atlanta. Last Friday , May 28 hail fell in and around the Atlanta area. Hail has been reported in the Sandy Springs area. We have already started to receive request for hail damage repair from this storm.

Hail damage on vehicles appears when quarter or large sized hail stones falls onto a vehicles surfaces. In the past these dents had to be repaired by using paint and bondo (conventional body work).

Today your hail damaged vehicle can be repaired without the use of paint or bondo fillers. Paintless dent removal (PDR) can restore the appearance of your vehicle to pre-storm conditions. Paintless dent removal can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs as well as time. Most hail damaged vehicles can be repaired in one day!

Paintless dent removal starts by gaining access to the backside of the metal surface. Access is gained by removing the interior covers (head liners , hood covers). Once accessible each dent is slowly and carefully pushed out by skilled PDR technicians. Once completed each dent is removed and the appearance of your vehicle is restored.

Nothing restores the value of a hail damaged vehicle like Paintless Dent Removal. Atlanta's Paintless Dent Removal Experts can restore the appearance of your vehicle from recent hail storms or damage that was done from the past.

To learn more about Atlanta Dent Removal visit http://www.atlantasdentremoval.com/

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did you recently Back into a pole or cement Barrier?

We can fix dents on your Bumper! We are a mobile Paintless Dent Removal Company. We come to You! Check out our website: http://www.atlantasdentremoval.com/ . We also fix dents found on doors .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter is coming, that means hail season has started in Atlanta. Thats right it is that time of year. In fact last weekend hail was reported in the Jonesboro area, not much damage was reported. Hail damage on your vehicle occurs when quarter sized hail hits your car. These dents make your car look horrible. Well you don't have to live with this damage forever. Atlanta's Affordable Dent Removal Experts can repair your hail damaged vehicle to pre storm conditions. Nothing returns your vehicles appearance and value like the Paintless Dent Repair technique.

We use PDR to gently push out each and every dent on your vehicle. We also repair dents dings creases and bumper dents in and around Atlanta.

Make us your Dent Removal experts!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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SAVE TIME AND MONEY Dent Removal Experts

Using Atlanta's Affordable Paintless Dent Removal experts will allow you to avoid the high prices and long waits associated with conventional body shops.

Let Us Remove your Dents Dings and Hail Damage.

We Come to your Work or Home to Save you the Hassle. CALL US TODAY to Schedule Your Repair.


Shopping Cart Dent Removed

A guy found out about our services from craigslist. He said he was in a grocery store parking lot look for his car when he saw a cart leaning against his fender. He removed the cart only to discover a two inch Dent on his vehicle. He looked around and called several companies that removed dents dings and creases. He called Atlanta's Affordable Dent Removal Experts and we arrived early this morning. We met him at his gym. The dent wasn't that deep, nice rounded edges. The Dent was removed. Another Happy Customer.

Check us out at http://www.atlantasdentremoval.com/

WE Fix Atlanta's Dents

Friday, March 12, 2010

Atlanta's Paintless Dent Ding Crease Hail Damage Repair Experts

We Fix Atlanta's Dents Dings Creases Bumper Dents and Hail Damage. We are a mobile Dent Ding Crease Hail Damage Repair Company. Call us at 770-634-4091 to describe your damage and receive a quote and schedule your repair....We Come To Your Work or Home to save you Time And Money.